Private Label Products

We can produce a private label for you. You own the copyrights, you own the formulation and we produce for you. We are willing to help you in every stage of your label development. You just tell us what you need, and we prepare.

We do formulations, sticker designs, bottling and all other necessary stuff!

We are evaluating all private label request specifically, and providing you the finished product as you desire. All you need to do is to supplying your private label to your customers.

Sales and After-Sales support

We do not only support your sales activities by providing information on products and documents, but also we provide continuous after-sales support. We aim to increase customer satisfaction in order to increase customer loyality.

We have been working on two private labels already.

Ecolinn is a private label that we produce for Petra AS, a network marketing company in Turkey with more than 45000 representatives. Ecolinn products are effective, concentrated and environment friendly. You can learn more from

Cleanvac is one of the leading machine producers in Turkey. Cleanvac Carpet Washing Shampoo was specially developed for Cleanvac Carpet Washing Machines, and now it is used in more than 50 Carpet Washing Facilities.