All our studies for developing new detergents and shampoos are performed in our fully equipped laboratory, by experienced engineers and chemists.

Every day we are working to do it better.

During the previous year, we have developed 11 new detergent and shampoo formulations, and we keep on going. We are using state of art formulation development methodologies.

We have a systematic approach to new detergent formulation development.

Within our certified ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, we have a strong basis for developing new products. We are guaranteeing quality of our products more than a couple of times before we market any of our products.

We are acting together with the whole world

We are followign up new detergent ingredients and formulations from respected literature. We are continously researching. Instead of producing at once, we are continously developing our products.

We are using state of art technology.

We have the best technology at our disposal.

We have targets.

We are not only conforming with the international standards, but also working to reach our targets.