Information on Ekokimya

We are working to reduce the load of the world.

Today, the world hosts and serves about seven billion people. It tries to provide sufficient provision, clean water, oxygen and soil to them. It makes its best to maintain the continuation of the life. At that point the question is how much do we help it? In the recent years, it is inevitable that awareness about sustainable life has increased. Every day, more and more people understand that we should be sustaining our existence without damaging the nature. However, the group of people formed in this context is far from being a majority.

We are one of the pioneering biodegradable cleaning product producers in Turkey.

We have taken the road in 2009, understanding the world and respecting the human being. We have sufficient knowledge and technology to produce all kinds of liquid cleaning products. Nevertheless, our purpose is to produce the products which are mostly harmless to human being and the nature. We aim to increase the awareness of the people, thus, demands to biodegradable cleaning products.

We are in search innovations

We keep on researching. We are developing new formulas. We are one of the pioneering biodegradable detergent companies. We are very pleased to be the first company to offer biodegradable detergents in biodegradable packages.

We have the power to do everything for you.

Today, we can produce nearly all kinds of liquid cleaning products in the market. Within our wide product portfolio, we can satisfy all your industrial and domestic needs. We hope that we can be changing the habits of the people in a positive way. We say that our products are “naturally clean”. Hope to see you again.