Quality and Environment Policy

Our quality and environment policy is not limited but comprises the following statements.

To be able to answer all customer needs in time and correctly.

Our customers are vital for us. Thus, to answer customer needs in time, correctly and properly is a priority for Ekokimya.

To be able to offer our customers products at same quality continuously.

Ekokimya guarantees high quality of its products, independent of time. We claim that our products are satisfying, safe and qualified.

Continuosuly to improve quality and efficiency while lowering costs.

Ekokimya pays attention to research and development in order to improve its quality of service. Appropriate studies are carried out by experts in Ekokimya labs in order to increase efficiency of Ekokimya products.

Achieve continuous development with participation of the employees and teamwork.

All the members of Ekokimya family support and encourage each other.

Minimize negative effects of the company to the environment.

We are making you feel better by minimizing our direct and indirect effect to the nature.

Fulfill all regulatory and requested requirements

To be a world-class company with following up world trends and increasing market share.