Information on Ekokimya


We have 300 tons per month of production capacity in our facility founded in 2009.

Our production system is operated under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Standards. Quality is always assured with our Quality and Environment Management System.

Only purified water!

We have our own water treatment utility to filter water mechanically, chemically and microbiologically. Purity of water guarantees high performance products.

Everything under control

We are producing, bottling and packaging our products within the facility. We have strict procedures for controlling raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.


All our studies for developing new detergents and shampoos are performed in our fully equipped laboratory, by experienced engineers and chemists.

Every day we are working to do it better.

During the previous year, we have developed 11 new detergent and shampoo formulations, and we keep on going. We are using state of art formulation development methodologies.

We have a systematic approach to new detergent formulation development.

Within our certified ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, we have a strong basis for developing new products. We are guaranteeing quality of our products more than a couple of times before we market any of our products.

Information on Ekokimya

We are working to reduce the load of the world.

Today, the world hosts and serves about seven billion people. It tries to provide sufficient provision, clean water, oxygen and soil to them. It makes its best to maintain the continuation of the life. At that point the question is how much do we help it? In the recent years, it is inevitable that awareness about sustainable life has increased. Every day, more and more people understand that we should be sustaining our existence without damaging the nature. However, the group of people formed in this context is far from being a majority.

We are one of the pioneering biodegradable cleaning product producers in Turkey.

Quality and Environment Policy

Our quality and environment policy is not limited but comprises the following statements.

To be able to answer all customer needs in time and correctly.

Our customers are vital for us. Thus, to answer customer needs in time, correctly and properly is a priority for Ekokimya.

To be able to offer our customers products at same quality continuously.

Ekokimya guarantees high quality of its products, independent of time. We claim that our products are satisfying, safe and qualified.

Continuosuly to improve quality and efficiency while lowering costs.